June 14, 2012

New Blog

Currently picture blogging at brookeandandy.tumblr.com. Will probably combine both blogs back to this domain at some point... but for now - you can find us there!

August 26, 2011

About to lose it...

Maybe tonight. We'll have to be careful that she doesn't swallow it!

She's so excited. I don't understand how I can have a baby who's losing her baby teeth!!  Sniff, sniff...

About to go

April 20, 2011

A Four Month Retrospective


Our little Charlotte is four months old now. I'm not quite sure how the time has flown as it has. She continues to be the best and cutest baby ever. Her stats today were: 16lbs (90th percentile), 25.75" (95th percentile), and 16.75" head (90th percentile). She's obviously following in her sisters' train - we gotsta big girl!

Anne Marie at Four Months:

Four MonthsBath time!
Four MonthsFour Months

Eleanor at Four Months:

Four MonthsFour Months
Four MonthsFour Months

Charlotte at Four Months:


March 23, 2011

Enjoying Spring!

We are doing very well and really enjoying the spring weather. Hope you all are too. Charlotte is still the sweetest, best baby. She's sleeping great - can't say how great because I don't want my mama friends to stop talking to me! She loves to hang out with us and watch her two big sisters. She's a full on thumb-sucker these days and I'm glorying in this time of self-soothing and no paci-runs in the middle of the night. I know I may rue the day she found her thumb, but I might as well enjoy it right now!

Happy Spring to All!!




Charlotte's Three Month Pictures!

March 10, 2011

To Cheer Up Grandaddy!

Feel better Grandaddy! We love you!


No blogging but lots of pictures. Some of these have been on flickr for a while but I thought I'd point to them here in case you weren't looking there...

Our Isle of Palms Trip


Charlotte at Two Months


Charlotte Today


And here is the beautiful (and big) diaper bag I made myself with a gift from Aunt Margaret and Granny Hills! Thanks so very much. I love it. I know it will serve me a long time too. I made it from laminated cotton so when we're out of diapers (not that I can envision a time without dipaers yet), it will be a great pool and/or beach bag!


January 30, 2011

Six Weeks!

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Here's the beautiful baby at six weeks! She's still doing great. Has wanted to be held more on some days and on others taking long naps her her crib, falling asleep on her own. You just never know with a six week old! She does seem to be finding her hands/thumbs. She's not a huge fan of the paci (nothing like big sisses there!) but will suck on her thumb knuckle to soothe herself. I guess it might only be a matter of time until she unfurls that thumb to greater success.

She's still a little stingy with her smiles so I look forward to some showers of grins in the near future... and maybe even a giggle or two.

Anne Marie and Ellie continue to be doing great with her and Ellie's sleep issues are slowly resolving. All in all we're doing pretty well, if a little tired still, at the Adams house. A few more pics over at flickr...

January 26, 2011

One Month and First Smiles

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Well, we are at 5 weeks and my pledge to blog more has been left behind. However I have been taking pictures and even posting them, so by checking our flickr site you will always find the updated pictures even if I haven't blogged them.

Charlotte continues to be a wonderful baby. She was 11lbs 2.5oz and 22" at her one month appointment, so she's following in her big sisters' (chubby) footsteps. She's sleeping, eating and pooping well, which is all we can ask for. She's largely a very content baby and handles the constant coming and going pretty well.

She continues to have her luscious dark hair and whether or not she keeps this head of hair in the short term, I'm thinking she'll be my dark headed beauty in the long term. Her lashes and eyebrows are both darker than Anne Marie's or Ellie's. So I may end up with my blonde, light brown, and dark brown tressed babies.

We are doing pretty well. Andy and I are adjusting to having three - the youngest of which is out of her blissed-out newborn state. Ellie and Anne Marie LOVE Charlotte and are usually very helpful and gentle with her. Ellie is doing OK as she adjusts to her big sister status. She's great with the baby but we've had a little trouble with her sleep during this time of change in our family.

I'm continuing my monthly photo shoot tradition with Charlotte and you can see her debut here. We've also had our second trip to Kingsport since C's birth and got to spend some time at Emory which was so lovely.

We continue to be very busy and I'm still trying to do way too much - but we are enjoying our time with this blessed little baby and knowing that it will go far too fast. She will be running around here in no time (especially given our babies' penchant for walking early) and trying to keep up with her big sisters. Right now I'll try to enjoy the smiles I can coax and the lovely lump who just wants to sleep in my arms!

January 12, 2011

New Pictures

We have had some slight computer delays but there are new pictures up. Please visit our flickr site to see them! I will probably continue to add to some of these sets, probably without updating the blog, so if you are so inclined, keep checking the flickr site. http://www.flickr.com/photos/brookeandandy/

The girls and I are going on three days cooped up in the house due to Atlanta's snow and ice storm. Andy spent the afternoon in the office today. Looking forward to thawing out soon so that we can regain our routine! Things are going very well with our new family of five. Charlotte is a dream baby - eating, sleeping and pooping well. She is super cute and adorable and I'm trying to fully soak up these tiny baby days. The big girls adore her and are quick to tell me if she's crying (even if I'm sitting right next to her) and that I should feed her. They love to give kisses, hold her hand, pat her belly or back, and sing lullabies. Ellie is getting used to her non-baby status and is very helpful and Anne Marie is amazing me with her intuitive help.

Love to all from all of us!



Best wishes for a very happy new year!

December 22, 2010

Back Home

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We got home Monday night. After 48 hours the family is doing great! More photos are posted.

December 20, 2010

Charlotte Adams: Day 1

Monday Morning Rest 2
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I want to let everyone know that Charlotte was born December 19th at 7:34pm. Mother and baby are both doing great! We feel so thankful to have a healthy new daughter and for all the love and support showered on us by our family and friends.

I'll let Brooke provide all the details later, but I thought I would share that our dear Charlotte entered the world quickly. We were admitted to the hospital at 6:50 and she was born at 7:34.

For the statisticians: 8lbs 7.5oz, 20.5 inches long.